How to clean block paving

Is your block paving looking tired and dirty? Perhaps you have weeds and other unsightly things growing through the cracks that you want to get rid of. Maybe an oil spillage is bugging you. We’ll guide you through how to thoroughly and properly clean your block paving below.

By James Harty

If your block paving has seen better days, it may be time to clean the area, and our team have some great tips. In this simple guide, we take you through how to clean your block paved patio or driveway, so that your surface looks fantastic for many years to come.

1. Remove all items of furniture and plant pots

Remove any obstacles on the surface, so that you can be sure that the whole area can be thoroughly cleaned. If you leave any dirty plant pots or benches on the surface and simply clean around them, dirty marks will be left which will be very noticeable whenever they are moved in the future.

2. Brush the surface thoroughly

A stiff wire brush should be used to loosen and sweep away any dirt and debris on the surface of the paving. If you have a very large driveway or patio, you may find it easier to use a leaf blower, however, check that there are no loose stones first.

3. Remove weeds and moss

A metal scraping tool and wire brush are great tools for removing the moss and weeds which can build up between the gaps in blocks. Depending on the extend of the issue, you may need to apply a weed killer to the area a few weeks before cleaning your patio. Once the weeds and moss turn brown, the area will be much easier to clean.

4. Use an oil remover to treat stains

If there are any oil or grease stains on the patio, these can be removed with a specialist oil remover. Although, in many cases washing up liquid and warm water will work very well on light stains.

5. Clean the surface with water or a specialist cleaner

There are a variety of specialist cleaning solutions available, which are designed to remove deeply ingrained dirt from blocks. However, if you clean the area regularly with a hose or pressure washer the surface will be much easier to maintain.

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