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A driveway should never be an after-thought. Not only does it take care of a prized asset – your car – but it can add lots of value to your home. 5% to 10% extra is never a bad thing, not when repairing or sprucing up your driveway is relatively affordable.

Of course, you need a service you can rely on to ensure the project is completed on time and to your designs. You need Premier Block Pavers. With 23 years of experience using materials from block paving and tarmac to gravel and stone, there isn’t much that surprises us, regardless of the job specifications.

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If our skill and professionalism aren’t enough – we ensure that our customers receive what they visualised down to the smallest detail – then you’ll be glad to hear that we offer the following to our customers:

  • A range of driveway options – As well as block paving, tarmac, gravel, and stone, we also work with modern and in-demand materials, including resin and creteprint. Our range of driveway designs is unparalleled.
  • Restoration solutions – Driveways aren’t always about starting afresh. Sometimes, it’s cheaper and better for your property if you repair any damage. Our trained employees take cracks, chips, and displaced bricks and restore them to their natural beauty.
  • Accessible services – We cover the whole of the West Midlands region. So, whether you’re in Wolverhampton or Coventry, we’ll come to you.

You’re seconds away from having the driveway you’ve always dreamed of. All that’s left is to contact us and get the ball rolling!

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block paving


Block paving is the most favourable choice for a driveway surface due to it’s versatility and design variants.

Block paving bricks are typically made from concrete or clay, with concrete blocks being the cheapest and most commonly. They are made from porous materials and commonly recycled materials such as crushed glass and old building rubble.

You can create many different styles with block paving as many different laying patterns can be achieved such as herringbone pattern; it has the strongest bond due to it’s interlocking.



Tarmac driveways are the most cost-effective option for a modern driveway. As a bi-product of Crude Oil, tarmac  is cheap, and therefore makes it a very common driveway option. It is naturally very dark but we can change the colour by mixing it with a polymer dye for a nicer appearance.

You can expect a new tarmac driveway to last around 15 years.

gravel & Stone


Gravel & Stone driveways are increasing in popularity across the UK and are a great alternative to block paving. Gravel driveways are easy to install and allow for a creative design to be achieved.

You can use a mix of gravel stones to create the effect that pairs wonderfully with the exterior of your home.



Resin bound driveways are on trend for those looking for a modern driveway. It’s easy to achieve a stunning look, with so many colours and designs to choose from.

They are usually a quick install solution but that does not reflect in any way on the aesthetic appeal of them



A new era of concrete driveway is here! Made popular in Europe and the United States, pattern imprinted concrete otherwise known as Creteprint in the UK is a valid contender for your new driveway.

An extensive range of patterns and colours plus it’s low cost and durability mean y0u should definitely consider pattern imprinted concrete alongside block paving and gravel options especially as it’s low-maintenance.



Over time, driveways can deteriorate due to wear and tear and general weathering resulting in the accumulation of moss and algae which can become prominent and affect the visual appeal of your driveway.

That said, a well maintained driveway will increase the longevity. We can restore your driveway back to it’s former glory and it’s much cheaper and faster to do so. 

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