How to check the quality of Indian sandstone for paving

If you’re considering laying Indian sandstone and wondering how to check the quality of the stone then we’ve put together a useful checklist for you. 

By James Harty

Indian sandstone will create a stylish finish; however, it is important to do your research to ensure that you are choosing the best quality stone for your paving. In our latest blog, we share our tips on how to check the quality of Indian sandstone so that you benefit from the best paving possible.

Check the British Standard

The British Standard BS 7533 Class 2 applies specifically to Indian sandstone, so you should always check for the CE Kitemark when choosing your paving stones.


When it comes to choosing stone for your paving, if the price is very low then it may be too good to be true. Not all Indian sandstone will live up to the BS 7533 Class 2 standards, so a cheaper product may well fall short.

Water absorbency

Look for stone with a low level of water absorbency, as this will help to protect your paving from frost, algae, and lichen. Stone which is absorbing a large amount of water will need sealing to improve the performance of the paving.


The higher the flexural strength, the less chance there is of your paving becoming damaged when laid in your garden. Our recommendation is to look for a strength of more than 12MPa, so that your paving can withstand the harsh British weather. Also, check whether the Indian sandstone is resistant to frost, as the freeze-thaw cycle will reduce the strength of your stone.

Ethically sourced

Look for a stone which has been quarried and manufactured in an ethical way, with many companies taking part in the strict standards of the Ethical Trading Initiative. By sourcing stone which lives up to these standards, you can be sure that workers have been paid fairly and are working in safe conditions.

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As a team of experienced pavers, we know that choosing the best stone is one of the most important aspects of paving. Our team know exactly what to look for and we will help you to find the best stone for your garden, so that your paving stays pristine for many years to come. To find out more, please contact our team today.