The Top 4 Benefits of Block Paving

Are you considering a new block paved driveway and wonder what some of the benefits are over other driveway styles? Well here we share our 4 top benefits of block paving

By Jimmy Harty

A high-quality patio or driveway will instantly add curb appeal to your home, whilst creating a more practical and inviting space. With so many potential surfacing options available, we know it can be hard to decide which is the best option for your home. In our latest blog, we take a closer look at the benefits which block paving could provide.

1. Low maintenance

Block paving is very low maintenance, as it will never require painting or polishing in the future. A simple pressure wash of the area will renew the surface, and you will benefit from a luxurious finish for many years to come.

2. Durable

The British weather can be very harsh at times, and block paving is one of the best options available, thanks to its ability to handle fluctuating seasons. In most situations, you can expect your paving to last at least 20 years, and it will withstand both motor and pedestrian traffic very well.

3. Versatile design

With so many possible styles and colours of blocks available, it is possible to create almost any design, especially with so many potential patterns and shapes to lay. Whether you opt for a traditional simple design or a more complex pattern, block paving is sure to add to the visual appeal of your property.

4. Environmentally friendly

In comparison to many surfacing options, block paving is considered to be one of the more environmentally friendly choices. As the surface allows water to absorb into the blocks, it creates improved drainage and prevents flooding and pools of water building during particularly wet weather.

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